Carl Zeiss Meditec IOL Master
Cataract Surgery Arizona

IOLMaster — IOL Calculations
For Phakic Lens Implants.

This program component enables the thickness of phakic implants (iridocorneal anterior and posterior chamber angle-supported lenses) to be calculated.

Only spherical lenses can be calculated. In addition to the anterior chamber depth and corneal radii (corneal refraction) measured with the IOLMaster, the refraction for the appropriate corneal vertex distance (CVD) and lens model must be entered.

  IOL Master Instructions
Lens model

The manufacturer's IOL constants are used for calculating lens strength.

IOL Master warning WARNING: Please observe the manufacturer’s recommendations for the phakic IOL employed with regard to choice of lens type and critical distance to the endothelium.

IOLMaster online manual screen shot
Calculation of phakic implants.

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