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Cataract Surgery Arizona

IOLMaster — Anterior Chamber Depth
Corneal Scars.

Corneal Scars - (Irregularities of the Corneal Surface)

Cataract Surgery Arizona

This is the same eye as shown in Keratometer Tips, bottom of page.

cataract surgery problems

Scars and local irregularities of the anterior cornea impair the image quality of the optical section of the cornea. Depending on the extent and degree of these irregularities, this may lead to measuring errors.

cataract surgery solutions

In such a case, the fixation point is imaged as a "cloud" and it is impossible to improve the adjustment. If apparently plausible anterior chamber depth results are nevertheless displayed, they can only be regarded as reference points.

iolmaster warning symbol   WARNING: To obtain reliable data, all the other known facts and findings of this eye should be included in the evaluation.