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IOL Master Manual Download IOLMaster Checklist (pdf)
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Physician Downloads.

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Surgically Induced Astigmatism Calculator

The SIA Calculator is no longer offered as a download, but instead is now operating on our website.

Haigis Formula Optimization - Physicians ONLY.

Haigis Formula Haigis Formula Optimization — Haigis-300.xls (Microsoft Excel)

This Excel spreadsheet can be used to submit data for optimizing the a0, a1 and a2 constants for the Haigis formula. The corneal power should be entered in diopters and not mm.

Haigis Formula Optimization IMPORTANT:
Because this exercise requires Dr. Hill a significant time to complete, requests for this service must come DIRECTLY FROM THE SURGEON whose data this represents and NOT from support staff. Requests from support staff WILL BE RETURNED UNANSWERED.

Address your subject line to read: "Haigis optimization." Along with the completed Haigis-300.xls spreadsheet, the text of the e-mail should include the manufacturer and model of the IOL, such as Alcon SN60WF, the biometry method employed, such as Lenstar or IOLMaster and the name of the requesting surgeon. If less than 200 valid cases are submitted, only the a0 Haigis constant will be optimized with the Haigis a1 and the a2 constants remaining at default values. It is best to submit approximately 225 cases so that more than 200 cases will remain after the exclusion of any outliers.



Haigis Formula Optimization ~ Instructions.

iol power calculations Before entering data into your Excel spreadsheets, please download
      these instructions (below) and follow them exactly.

iol power formula calculations Haigis-instructions.doc (Microsoft Word file):

This download is a set of detailed instructions on how to complete and submit the Excel spreadsheet that will be used to derive your set of surgeon and IOL specific a0, a1 and a2 Haigis constants for optical biometry.



Refractive Vergence Formula.

Refractive Vergence Formula Refractive Vergence Formula — R-verg-Hill.xls (Microsoft Excel)

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing the refractive vergence formula as outlined in:

Holladay JT: Standardizing constants for ultrasonic biometry, keratometry, and intraocular lens power calculations. J Cataract Refract Surg 1997;23:1356-1370.

The more sophisticated "Holladay R Formula" is recommended and is part of the Holladay IOL Consultant software package.



Correcting for Vertex Distance.

IOL Constants Correcting for Vertex Distance — Vertex.xls (Microsoft Excel)

Be sure to maintain the correct sign (+ or -) when entering the refractive data, or the results will not be accurate.



IOLMaster Checklist.

IOL Constants IOLMaster Checklist — IOLMaster_checklist.pdf (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

The above .pdf file contains the checklist that our staff uses when measuring the axial length, central corneal power, ACD, and horizontal corneal diameter using the IOLMaster. The .pdf file contains three identical checklists. We suggest separating each copy and having them laminated individually to allow various staff members easy access to their own copy.


IOL constant optimization

Intraocular Lens Power Calculations

Intraocular Lens Power Calculations

Zeiss IOLMaster User Manual

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