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IOLMaster — Saving Data / Backup.

Create a Backup Copy

With the Backup function patient data used for the optimization of IOL constants together with the IOL data of all surgeons used for the calculation of respective lenses is saved to a CD-RW.

IOL Master warning WARNING: A compressed and password-protected file is created in the CD-RW. Do not attempt to read or manipulate this file using other programs.

The respective recordings are saved together with the patient's personal data, regardless of the set deletion date.

The backup process also includes the tables used for IOL constant optimization (assignment of surgeon/lens/patient/eye/post-operative data). Additionally, the IOL constants currently used for calculation will be saved for all surgeons.

IOLMaster Arizona NOTE: In this way, all critical patient and IOL data can be saved together with the data required for lens optimization. Individual values for axial length, corneal curvature / refractive power, anterior chamber depth, WTW are not saved and may get lost, e.g. in the case of a defect in the hard disk.

Follow this procedure to create a backup copy:

IOLMaster Backup
  • In the User Database activate Administrator.
  • Click the BACKUP command button to initiate the backup process.
  • Insert a UDF-formatted CD-RW into the drive.
  • Confirm with OK.
  • It may be necessary to delete existing data on the CD-RW (confirm with YES). Answering with NO will abort the backup process. The data will now be copied to the CD-RW A progress bar informs you of the status of the copying process.
  • Upon success of data backup, message will be received.

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